Vex 3

Vex 3

Vex 3 is the Vex series' third platform game. The game is full of surprises, with a maze of lethal devices and traps to navigate on each level. To go to the next act, avoid the spinning blades, spikes, and traps! 

You must complete each act in order to proceed to Vex 3. This includes avoiding the lethal traps and devices dispersed across each level. If you are hit by one of these lethal contraptions, you will be returned to the nearest checkpoint. Then you must figure out how to overcome the issue you are experiencing. 

There are ten regular acts to complete. As you could expect, it becomes more difficult. The labyrinth becomes increasingly complex, and the traps become more difficult. There are also 9 challenging acts if you're a committed gamer. These achievements will get you the well-deserved "Hardcore" trophy. If completing the level alive isn't enough, there are more milestones to make you feel successful. You can get cool awards for performing an act flawlessly without dying or dying too many times. One of the most popular stickman puzzle games is Vex. Vex was first launched as a Flash game in 2013. Vex 4 is the most recent installment in the Vex game series, with Vex 5 on the way.

How To Play

  • Use keyboard to move character.
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