- Christmas Battle - Christmas Battle
2.64 - Christmas Battle is a Christmas battle game. With our game, you can become a real professional and win a snow battle. You will play as a very unusual character who will run across the playing field and roll up a snow globe.

So, you will move across a snowy field and thereby roll up a huge snowball, which will destroy everything in its path. The more you move, the larger the ball you will have. Also, keep an eye on the other players; if they have a smaller ball, you can absorb them, and if they have a larger one, run away. To make your task easier, on the playing field you will find bonuses such as size x2 and speed x2. Use them in difficult moments to beat your competitors. Move around the playing field to collect as much snow as possible so that your snowball becomes the largest and you can win the Christmas battle. Good luck!

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How To Play

Use the mouse.

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