Idle Dices

Idle Dices

Idle Dices is a point-scoring dice game in which the outcome of your roll affects how many points you get. Use your points to purchase improvements and extra dice. Build your score, listen to some smooth jazz, and get rolling!

Become a high roller with the dice. You have nothing to lose in Idle Dices; just keep rolling those dice and earning points! You can roll faster by clicking, or you may let auto-roll do the work and go AFK for a time.

Put your points on the dice. Increasing the number of dice enhances your chances of earning high points through combination rolls, where you get the same number on multiple dice. The multiplier increases as the number of dice with the same score increases. Get insane dice combinations. The dice combinations are formatted similarly to cards, so you can get three-of-a-kind, full-house, straight, and other traditional card game combos.

Make the game even more favorable to you. You can return daily for bonus points to spend on upgrades. There's also a long list of achievements that you can complete to earn various bonuses.

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How To Play

  • Press left mouse button to play.

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