Santa Soosiz

Santa Soosiz

Santa Soosiz is an enjoyable Christmas theme that looks at adventure games. Have fun with it. Explore the fanciful, gravity-defying world of Santa Soosiz, a distinctive arcade game that reinvents the idea of ball games. Not only is it a test of your agility and gaming prowess, but this quirky Christmas spin around the earth is also an adventure meant to save the festive season.

As the sound of sleigh bells chimes in the distance, you find yourself guiding Santa with the help of gravity. As you jump from one spinning globe to another in an attempt to find all of the misplaced Christmas gifts, the straightforward task of moving across many platforms turns into an exhilarating experience.

There's mystery and thrill around every corner in Santa Soosiz. You may literally and figuratively turn your entire world upside down with just one tap! And the thing that sets this game apart from other skill games is its constant, unexpected turn.

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How To Play

  • W,Up,Space=Jump. 
  • A,Left= Move Left. 
  • D,Right= Move Right. 

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