Tomb Of The Mask

Tomb Of The Mask

Tomb Of The Mask is a 2D video game that allows you to become a small adventurer, exploring a maze full of dangerous traps. The game has simple gameplay: you just need to control your character up and down or back and forth to pick up stars and avoid pre-set traps to complete the level.

However, you can only change direction every time you hit a wall, and the higher the level, the more difficult it will be with the same number of traps placed on the walls or mobile traps. Therefore, you need to have quite good reflexes to promptly change the direction of movement to dodge them. The game will have 2 game modes: "Map" and "Arcade." In "Mathen you can" mode, just pass the levels and collect stars to achieve achievements. As for the "Arcade" mode, you have to race against the rising water level and many pitfalls ahead to achieve a high score. To play, you will have to spend energy points. If they run out, wait for a refund or buy them.

You can also buy characters in the store to change their appearance and add better player support stats. In addition, the game also has skills and support items such as shields to help you avoid traps, suck money, freeze, and increase the amount of money received.

With retro-style 2D graphics that bring familiarity but no less uniqueness and attractive colors, you can be "addicted."

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys.

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