Tom Cat: Run

Tom Cat: Run

Tom Cat: Run is an endless game in which you play as Tom the cat. The object of the game is to get away from the farmer as quickly as possible while dodging all of the hazards. The things that stand in Tom's way when he runs have the power to destroy everything for you. Additionally, you must gather gold coins so that you can purchase other perks. Additionally, as you run, you will come across a number of benefits that can ease the pace of your race. To prevent the farmer from catching up with you, try to run cautiously without stumbling. Hopefully, one day he will realize that this is bad, and we can help him escape punishment once more. For now, how about we attempt to select the safest route? In this entertaining game, Tom's Run, you can start helping the kitty if you're ready!

How to play

WASD or Arrow Button.

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