Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is an updated and modernized spin-off version of the classic game Atari Breakout that you can play for free right now! In this game, you will have different balls of different strengths, speeds, and special abilities. You can buy those balls in the store and use them to break the colorful bricks to earn money. The cash earned can be used to purchase the balls and upgrades so that you can smash the blocks faster. The bricks will be harder to smash every time you beat a level.

Idle Breakout, a completely free-to-play game, is a modernized and improved version of the famous classic Atari Breakout. This game was created by Kodiqi and released on June 20, 2019. This relaxing game makes a simple change to Breakout and takes the genre to the next level. In the classic puzzle game, you move a ledge to keep the ball from falling down. As it bounces around the walls, it hits and breaks the blocks, giving you scores. It is the same in Idle Breakout, but without the risk of dying or ending your game. Overall, it works and scores whether you play or not.

How To Play


You can use your mouse to completely play this game .

  • Click on blocks to break them.
  • Click to buy new balls in the top menu, then access the upgrades to become more powerful.


As an idle game that doesn’t require much effort on the players’ part, Idle Breakout can get a bit boring for those players who are looking for an interactive game. But watching them can be a calming, meditative experience if you’re looking for relaxation. You can always click on the blocks to help the balls take a hit, so you can earn cash and upgrade faster.

To break a brick and earn points, all you need to do is simply click on it. Spend points to upgrade and buy new balls with various abilities. To earn extra points, balls will naturally bounce off of and smash through bricks.

Choose the most effective upgrades for the most brick-busting since this will help you a lot. Which is the wisest use of your money: purchasing more balls, speed, or power? It quickly becomes difficult!

Also, the number of balls you can have on the screen is limited to 50. 

Idle Breakout Strategy

Idle Breakout involves a surprising amount of strategy considering that it is a passive game that requires little effort from the participants. Although there are many diverse strategies, we advise against trying to hoard your money excessively. Purchase a handful of the basic balls to start, then go to the plasma balls, which are the second-cheapest choice. Spending money quickly is typically efficient, so if you can afford to get the following update, do so.


  • Idle version of the famous classic Atari Breakout
  • 6 balls with unique abilities 
  • 5 power-ups to break bricks more efficiently and effectively.
  • Numbered bricks that indicate the number of hits needed to destroy them.
  • Addictive and relaxing gameplay.
  • No risk of dying or ending the game.


  • The Basic Ball and the Plasma Ball are the first unlocked balls in Idle Breakout. Those balls will be immediately available after you get your first point. 
  • The Sniper Ball is the third ball that you will unlock, and the fourth ball is the Scatter Ball.
  • Next, you will unlock the fifth ball—the Cannon ball.
  • The Poison Ball is the last ball that you will unlock.


Each progressive upgrade will cost more. Besides the balls, you can also buy power-ups that only last for a certain duration. The menu called Power Ups shows the 5 power ups that are available to use. Even if all 5 of them in the menu are used, they can still be activated by a "clickable power up" that spawns in levels randomly. The clickable power up shifts through all 5 power ups quickly. If the player clicks at the right time, then they can get the power up that they want.

  • Cashed Up: Earn double the cash.
  • Click Frenzy: Click to spawn scatter balls or do x10 damage.
  • Demon Core: Distribute waves of damage.
  • Snow Ball: Get power and speed with every bounce.
  • 2X Gold: x2 on a gold brick

Idle Breakout Appeal

If you're searching for a low-maintenance, relaxing game to enjoy, Idle Breakout is a perfect choice. You don't need to be glued to your screen to play, and the game won't penalize you too much if you make mistakes when you're just starting out. Simply taking some time to receive the next upgrade is the worst thing that can happen to you. Playing Idle Breakout doesn't really lend itself to rage-inducing moments. In essence, it's the opposite of the World's Hardest Game, where you suffer enormous penalties for even the slightest errors.

Release Date

  • Initially released in January 2019 
  • Updated in March 2019


  • Web browser

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