Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is the renowned game of the same name that dates back to the Dandy console era. You might completely lose yourself in a nostalgic atmosphere right now.

From the very first level of Super Mario Bros., you will find yourself in the mushroom world. All it takes to defeat a goomba is to jump on its head. You'll face more foes in the upcoming levels, including fish, strange creatures on Lakitu clouds, flying turtles called Koopa Paratrupa, and bugs with spiny shells.

The terrifying and terrifying Bowser will welcome you at the conclusion of each block of stages. Huge, half dragon, and half turtle, Bowser is a mutant. Mario saves Princess Peach from the man who continues to kidnap her. With some excellent benefits, you'll be able to defeat any foe. The red mushroom will support your growth and enlarge you. Let's embark on an adventure now! Enjoy your gaming!

How to play

WASD or Arrow Button.

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