Bike Stunt BMX Simulator

Bike Stunt BMX Simulator

Bike Stunt BMX Simulator is a racing game where players can land some incredible jumps or develop their street skating skills. You can use wallrides, grinds, and manuals to create amazing combos, or you can execute gigantic flips and feats. You may also build a skatepark of your own so you can go skateboarding. You may completely customize both your BMX bike and your rider by selecting from an extensive range of features that will make yours truly unique. Our game has the hardest obstacles possible: ride your bike to become the best rider and stand out among your peers. This 2017 bicycle racing simulator features thrilling stages where you can pull off rooftop racing exploits. You can even design and build your own skate parks!

How to play

  • WASD - move.
  • Shift - sprint.
  • Space - jump.

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