Racing Crew

Racing Crew

Racing Crew gives you the chance to participate in thrilling races and take the wheel of a potent sports vehicle. You have nine thrilling races ahead of you, and in every one of them, you must use every bit of your driving prowess to pass all of your opponents and cross the finish line first. Always remember to reduce your speed somewhat when making abrupt maneuvers to avoid flying into the guardrail and losing valuable time. You can purchase more powerful cars with the money you earn from winning races. Depending on your device, you can adjust the graphics quality or the kind of vehicle control in the options. Do you sense a pressing need for quickness?

How to play

  • Arrow keys/WASD - management.
  • Spacebar - hand brake.
  • F - nitro.
  • C - change camera view.
  • Slide mouse - zoom in/out the camera.
  • G - time dilation.
  • I - start/stop the engine.
  • B - look back.

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