Penguin Adventure 2

Penguin Adventure 2

Penguin Adventure 2 is a captivating adventure game that transports players to the enchanted realm of frozen places. Assume the persona of an adorable penguin and set out on a perilous quest to protect your loved ones from evil foes. Three distinct worlds await you to explore, each with unique obstacles and surprises. Along the way, you will gather stars and hearts, which will have an impact on your score and rewards. To open the next world, you'll need to collect enough yellow stars. Playing the game Penguin Adventure will put your reflexes and tactics to the test. Don't pass up this enjoyable opportunity. Are you prepared to go off on an incredible adventure throughout the world of frozen places and rise to the heroic status of saving your family? Check to see if you're cut out for Penguin Adventure 2!

How to play

  • On PC: Up and Down arrows = jump and move down J = Throw bullets.
  • On Mobile: Tap buttons = move.

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