Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest is a cool new game. These little jungle dwellers will take you on incredible adventures. You must locate the magnificent treasures that are concealed on this island. You must get through every level of Paradise Island in order to accomplish this. This will be extremely challenging because the island is home to numerous cunning traps, barriers, and foes. Monkeys with a warlike and evil nature will attempt to hurt your monkey so he cannot find the treasure and cross the finish line. You can select an additional participant if you have accumulated fifteen thousand monkey coins featuring appetizing banana images. Additionally, you can purchase additional perks and new weaponry from the selections to help you advance through more stages and take down tough opponents. Go on adventures and have fun with the game!

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How To Play

  • Mouse - make a choice.
  • Arrow keys - go.
  • Space- jump.
  • X - attack.

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