Christmas Hazel

Christmas Hazel

Christmas Hazel is a kid-friendly game with a charming Christmas theme. Hazel is excited for Christmas as well, since she knows that her friends will be there and that there will be gifts. Hazel needs to start getting ready for Christmas, though. As usual, you will assist the infant; simply carry out Hazel's instructions. Assist Hazel with wrapping and placing the gifts on the tree first. Hazel is excited about Santa's visit as well, because he will be bringing lots of toys. Hazel now has to wait for her buddies to show up so they can go play snowball outside and bring gifts. To avoid the infant crying, try to complete everything on time and without delay. Hazel was overjoyed to see her friends and ran outside to change into her clothes. The kids enjoyed themselves immensely while playing in the yard. In addition, you will have to assist Hazel and her friends in building a snowman.

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How To Play

Use the mouse.

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