Slime Conquer: Epic Battle

Slime Conquer: Epic Battle

Slime Conquer: Epic Battle is a lighthearted arcade game in which you take on the role of a slime blob who has to take over the island and vanquish humans. As you advance, you'll start out small and get bigger. Get as big as you can to take down the boss. To vanquish your adversaries, hunt every creature smaller than you and become larger.

Additionally, you will be able to enhance the features of the outfits you will wear on your travels. Take great caution and steer clear of the many deadly traps that may spring up along the route. Avoid animals that are noticeably stronger as well. If not, they will wait for you in a moist area. To take the world by storm, navigate across hundreds of vibrant places, and take on formidable bosses. At the end of the round, defeat the boss by overcoming all the hurdles!

How to play

WASD - move.

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