FSF Baldi Funtime

FSF Baldi Funtime

FSF Baldi Funtime is an iconic game of guided singing. Every child's worst nightmare is the nasty instructor, Baldi. Even the most courageous hooligan can be scared off by an angry glance and a big ruler. However, you're in for a treat instead of rigorous instruction and eerie teacher escapes: a fun musical fight with Baldi. Unlike the traditional musical battle game, this one has a single game mode and one song instead of two. Baldi is your opponent, and you must use your agility and quick reflexes to overcome him. When it's your turn, quickly move your fingers across the keyboard and press each key combination once. Have fun and good luck in the game!

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How To Play

  • Enter - start/make a choice/pause.
  • WASD/Arrow keys - sing.

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