Vex 4

Vex 4

Vex 4 is an incredible stick platformer that challenges you to progress through nine increasingly difficult acts by climbing, jumping, swimming, and flying. It is the sequel to Vex 3, which was an enormous success, and it will be just as much fun and just as much of a challenge for players of any age. 

In the realm of Vex, you face yet another test of your abilities. There are a lot of challenges to overcome, and the success of each level is determined by how quickly you react. Are you certain that you can win this episode and become the champion of Vex 3? Have fun! 

Try out either Vex 5 or the most recent installment in the Vex series, Vex 6. The latest version has a lot of fun new features and stages. 

How To Play

  • Move with WASD or with the arrow keys.
  • R to restart a level.

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