Zombie Mod - Dead Block Zombie Defense

Zombie Mod - Dead Block Zombie Defense

Zombie Mod - Dead Block Zombie Defense is a dead block zombie defense game that combines aspects of strategy, clicker games, and arcade gameplay into a single package for your gaming pleasure from the very beginning to the very end, since fending off zombies and having fun at the same time has never been possible before. 

Many zombies are approaching, and in order to survive, you will not only need to have high skills and intellect, but you will also need to have strong psychological traits. If you die, you will have to start the game again from the beginning. 

graphic design that is captivating to the eye. Make use of sound pictures that are crisp and vibrant. gives you the impression that you are participating in the most realistic game possible.

How To Play

  • Press A/D to move around. 
  • Press E to shoot.
  • Press SPACE to take gun. 
  • Mobile: hold arrows to move around. 
  • Tap shoot button to kill enemies.

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