Cartoon Party

Cartoon Party

Catoon Party is a fun game. In certain games, you must demonstrate your speed and dexterity, while in others, you must demonstrate your intelligence and logical reasoning. This may be tennis, in which you must strike a ball, or a game in which you must be the first to catch an object. You can play alone, in groups of two, three, or four. Everyone has access to a keyboard. You will receive coins for each victory. They will need to buy new heroes or caps. The purpose of this game is to become the best player! You have the option of customizing your character. You have a fantastic opportunity here to play a variety of games with your friends on a single computer.

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How To Play

  • Controls for 1 player: arrow keys.
  • Controls for 2 players: WASD.
  • Controls for 3 players: for each player sequence to 8/4/5/6.
  • Controls for 4 players: for each player sequence to U/H/J/K.

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