Big Shot Boxing

Big Shot Boxing

Big Shot Boxing is the ultimate boxing game in which you must fight your way to the top in order to get inducted into the famous Boxing Hall of Fame!

There are two ways to win: score the most points or deliver a knockout blow that knocks your opponent out for good. If you are knocked down during a fight, you will have 10 seconds to compose yourself and return to the action. Earn money to customize your character with one-of-a-kind gloves, shorts, and boots that express your distinctive style in the ring. Achieve greatness by winning bouts, gaining championships, and successfully defending your hard-earned championship belt.

Prepare to enter the ring by selecting a fighter, hiring a coach, and learning powerful maneuvers!

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How To Play

  • Right arrow - Jab.
  • Left arrow - Cross.
  • X - Uppercut.
  • Z - Block.

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