Tomb Runner

Tomb Runner

Tomb Runner is a one-of-a-kind adventure game in which you must run as far as possible while collecting as many points as possible along the route.

In Tomb Runner, you must jump, slide, sprint, and surf your way through temples, exotic landscapes, bridges, and subways while collecting rare stones, unique powers, and cash.

The explorer in this game is working hard to find the riches and escape from the tomb. With flaming statues, spiky barrels, incredibly narrow gaps to slide through, the sharpest corners since Picasso made a self-portrait, and death-defying leaps of faith, this game has everything you could want in terms of excitement and fast-paced action.

The further you travel, the more perilous your road gets, with flames, holes, and sharp twists appearing thick and fast. It won't be long before you're traveling farther and farther along the course, spending your coins to buy new characters to run with. I wish you a good time.

How To Play

  • Arrow Up = Jump.
  • Arrow Down = Slide.
  • Arrow Left = Move Left.
  • Arrow Right = Move Right.

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