FSF Plants vs. Zombies 2

FSF Plants vs. Zombies 2

FSF Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a game combining Zombies with many other famous characters. Today we will go to the famous lawn, where the first zombie invasion took place many years ago. Then the plants were able to give a painful rebuff to their enemies and have since become even stronger. And now, after the dramatic defeat of the walking dead, the guys can breathe easy and go about their business. A little sunflower named Flash in the Sun decided to become a rap star and, together with his friends, went in search of worthy opponents.

The game will have two amazing modes: story and free play. If in the first you can freely choose only game weeks, then in the second all songs will be open. This means that you can immediately see the number of rivals and choose the one with whom you want to sing at that moment. Enjoy the game, and good luck!

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How To Play

  • Enter - start/make a choice/pause.
  • WASD/Arrow keys - sing.

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