Chop the Christmas Tree

Chop the Christmas Tree

Chop the Christmas Tree gives you the chance to perform for Santa Claus. The Christmas tree, a symbol of Christmas and the New Year, is the first item you should focus on because it is so beautiful and green. Grandfather Frost recently cut down the most exquisite Christmas tree by going into the forest. However, this place has a certain enchantment, so you can't simply chop down a Christmas tree. Assist Santa Claus in completing this challenging mission! The basic idea of the game is to click on the tree's right or left side, making sure that the next log doesn't cause Santa Claus to be struck in the head by branches or other objects. You will lose if this occurs, and you do not have enough time to move to the side without branches. Take great care when shifting quickly from side to side. Additionally, you will accrue points that you can use to purchase a new gaming character. It'll be enjoyable!

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How To Play

Use the mouse.

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