Sand Sort Puzzle

Sand Sort Puzzle

Sand Sort Puzzle is a brain training game in which you must pour colored sand from one glass vase into another to sort the layers into the appropriate containers. Can you solve this ever-increasingly difficult set of puzzles? 

In this thinking game, you can only pour colored sand into an empty container or on top of a layer of the same hue. A flower will erupt from the earth when a vase is filled. After that, no more sand can be added to the vase. To solve each challenge, the player must decide the correct order in which the sand should be poured from one vase to the next. This will be quite basic in the first few stages. There will be a limited number of colors and lots of extra vases to store sand. However, as the game proceeds, the problems become more difficult, and getting the order incorrect might lead to the player running out of moves. You can always reset the level if you get stuck by tapping on the circle arrow button. 

You can also undo a single move by pressing the undo button. However, you can only use this five times during the game, so try to utilize it only when absolutely necessary.

How To Play

  • Tap on the glasses to pour the same-colored sand in different glasses.

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