Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball is a game that Slope inspired. It is an addictive, endless running game. Control a ball as it is pushed down a series of slanted and sloped platforms. Avoid all obstacles, collect diamonds, and roll as far as possible!

The ball moves slowly at first, then quickly accelerates as you roll over boosters and ramps. Move the ball around obstacles and keep an eye out for upcoming challenges! Although the game is infinite, the levels increase as you survive. The obstacles in these higher levels are more moving and tricky.

Shields, magnets, and the 2x diamond power-up can be found all over the map. Some of them are strategically placed. If you're quick, perhaps you could use your shield to grab one? Each power-up has a cooldown effect, so use them wisely. For example, you might want to save your shield for a more difficult level.

Gather as many diamonds as possible and spend them in the Rolling Ball shop. You can buy power-ups and new balls of varying sizes and speeds.

Related games

Rolling Ball is similar to many running games in which you run around collecting coins indefinitely. Popular substitutes include Dig This and Gaps.

How To Play

  • Mobile: Swipe to roll the ball. 
  • Desktop: Use arrow keys or AWSD keys to roll the ball.

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