Dig This

Dig This

Dig This is an online puzzle game in which you must try to get the ball into a preset hole.

Get your hard helmets on and your shovels ready for hours of fun in the dirt. The novel, realistic mud and gravity dynamics allow for addictive digging gameplay. Every obstacle is made more enjoyable by the vivid colors and warm graphic style. Nothing beats the satisfaction of eventually figuring out the elusive solutions to each riddle. It's not just about digging down; each stage provides a new mechanic or effect that you must use to get your balls to goal. Make an effort to acquire gems as well. There are several levels available to you, but their difficulty will gradually increase, so prepare. Do you think aiming your balls to the cups is difficult enough? Imagine how difficult it becomes when bombs and multi-colored balls are added to the mix!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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