Mr Dracula

Mr Dracula

Mr Dracula is a super fun shooter, zombie game and halloween game on Fun Games. On Halloween, zombies, pumpkin monsters, and ghosts make frequent appearances in an effort to terrify passersby. As a result of this, the infamous vampire Count Dracula made the decision to wipe off all of these monsters so that everyone might celebrate Halloween in peace. Players that take part in Count Dracula will have the option to assume the persona of Dracula, the notorious vampire count from mythology. You have been asked to help Dracula get rid of the zombies, mummies, and ghosts that are roaming the streets on Halloween night so that people can sleep peacefully. 

The tale appears to be somewhat peculiar, doesn't it? Let's play the game, Mr. Dracula, and put an end to those nasty monsters!

How To Play

  • Tap to shoot


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