Jack O Gunner

Jack O Gunner

Jack-O Gunner is a straightforward action and survival game with a Halloween theme. Your goal is to eliminate all skeletons, improve your talents, and live as long as possible. 

In this shoot-and-avoid-to-die game, you play as a stickman (pumpkin head) who must defeat several opponents (undead units) using weapons with varying lethality attributes. To have the option of surviving, the stickman must have exceptional reflex abilities, determine the particular route of destruction right from the first shot, thump his rival quickly before being shot by his comrades, and remember to earn more gold to improve their weapons. Whatever mode you choose, you will be given assistance to improve your chances of success. However, certain goods are little, so if it's not too difficult, use them wisely! So, do everything you can to help Jack escape the hazardous graveyard!

How To Play

  • Tap and move your finger to move the character

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