Impostor is a smartphone game with a single map that is based on the real-life Mafia party game.

Impostor is a multiplayer (online) game for parties of four to fifteen people. One to three are picked at random to be impostors or killers (impostors), while the others are crew members or crew members (crewmates). The game can be played on one of four maps: a starship, a Mira HQ headquarters building, a Polus base, or The Airship. The crew is given minigame chores to do around the region, which involve critical system maintenance such as reconnecting electrical connections or fueling motors. The fake group is given fake missions so that they can join the crew. They are able to break down systems, go through pipes, find other fakes, and kill crew members on the spaceship.

As a result, the game has earned the moniker "trust or betrayal" among young people.

How To Play

  • Control the movement with WASD or arrow keys. 
  • Perform actions by clicking the buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen.


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