Guns And Magic

Guns And Magic

Guns And Magic is an action game in which you must defend your home from monsters! The animals are fleeing since the portal to another dimension has been opened. Keep intruders away from your ranch. Create turrets, barricades, traps, ask for help, and change your tactics as needed. For a real steampunk experience, visit Gun And Magic.

Begin by deciding on a class. Choose the swordsman if you love being a vanguard and drowning your opponents with deadly attacks. Not your cup of tea? As the sniper, you must murder your opponent with beautiful, flawless shots from a distance.

Assemble an indestructible team by amassing the necessary skill set. Companions have unique skills and talents. Add them to your squad to help you defeat your opponent swiftly. Explore dungeons, fight opponents, and put your skills to the test in the Temple of Trials to gain a plethora of rewards and supplies for your squad!

How To Play

  • WASD = move. 
  • Mouse - look around E = build / upgrade / interact, left mouse button = shoot, left-shift = run.

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