Gang Brawlers

Gang Brawlers

Gang Brawlers is an action game where you are thrown into dangerous streets. Release mayhem as you destroy boxes, acquire objects, and battle wicked forces. Smash boxes, gather objects from the ground, and fight evils that exist in the streets. Join forces with a friend to go on a cooperative adventure, or engage in two-person combat with them. Remember to keep that valuable money in your pocket to improve your character's abilities at the shop. Do not forget to remove the coins from the ground. Investing money in the store will give your characters more strength. Start the journey now! How about using the Gang Brawlers game to set off on a perilous expedition through the streets?

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How To Play

Player 1: 

  • Move: W, A, S, D. 
  • Jump: SPACE.
  • Punch/Pick Up: F.
  • Kick: G.
  • Defend: T.

Player 2:

  • Move: ARROW KEYS.
  • Jump: P.
  • Punch/Pick Up: K.
  • Kick: L.
  • Defend: O.

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