Dinogen Online

Dinogen Online

Dinogen Online is a frantic 2D multiplayer top-down shooter featuring a plethora of weapons, game types, and maps. In objective-based game modes, you can play as a human or a dinosaur. Earn XP in-game to unlock new guns, dinosaurs, equipment, trinkets, and more! 

In objective-based game types like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, or Destruction, you can play as a human or a dinosaur. 

In the different survivor modes, you can fight endless waves of enemies like militia soldiers, dinosaurs, helicopters, and more. 

Using the bundled Scenario Editor, you can create your own maps and missions. The editor is a sophisticated tool that lets you build basic tweaks to current maps as well as whole new missions by utilizing the integrated trigger system. All scenarios generated using the editor are instantly available in multiplayer, allowing you to play with others online.

How To Play

  • Keyboard and mouse required.


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