Basket Monsterz

Basket Monsterz

Basket Monsterz is a fantastic basketball shooting game with amusing cartoon monster creatures! You may take on the role of a variety of creatures including Satan and Bigfoot! You must participate in a basketball competition and progress through each stage by playing one-on-one matchups against other monsters. During each match, you must score as many baskets as possible in the time provided. 

Aim your shot, develop power, and construct the right shooting arc using your mouse. Once you've aligned your shot, click the left mouse button to discharge it! Each basket you make earns you one point; the winner is the first to reach 11 points. As you win matches, you get stars, which you can then use to buy new monster characters! Will you be able to polish your basketball abilities and win the massive tournament?

How To Play

  • Move pointer around the screen to aim. Reach 11 points before the other guy to win the match.


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