Zombies Are Coming Xtreme

Zombies Are Coming Xtreme

Zombies Are Coming Xtreme is an intriguing game in which the goal is to defend a cannon positioned in the middle of the street against waves of zombies.

A cannon is placed in the middle of the street to repel the zombies that rush towards you in waves and swarms, with the purpose of clicking or tapping in their direction to aim and kill them without letting them overrun you, since if they destroy your cannon, you lose!

Because the game is infinite, you must try to survive for as long as possible while shooting down as many zombies as possible for points. Power-ups and weaponry will also spawn on the map, and you must fire your way through them to obtain and use them. 

Try to see how long you can go without losing your three lives. Let me explain, so you can start having fun right away!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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