Yummy Ice Cream Factory

Yummy Ice Cream Factory

Yummy Ice Cream Factory is an entertaining cooking game that lets you create delectable ice cream cones!

Once you've created various tastes, you may fill a lot of cookie cones with them and top them with the yummiest toppings. Plus,  you get to pick our sweet and delicious protagonist's appearance! Good fortune. With the help of the Yummy Ice Cream Factory, discover how to make the tastiest ice cream! With this game, explore the world of frozen sweets! Join up with our tiny candy queen and assist her in achieving the ideal flavor in only six enjoyable steps!

We are all eager for the first ice cream of the season as summer approaches! Not to worry! We have everything we need, including the ideal kitchen, a well-kept secret recipe, and an unbeatable chef. Nothing is too difficult for this team to do when your talents are combined with theirs! Put on your apron, then let's get to work! You can get started by selecting the appropriate components to mix with the flavors as they arrive. After seeing the color in the bowl, click on the screen to select the ingredient. After pressing the components, pour them into the bowl by pulling the handle. The next step is to hold and drag the action symbols in the direction of the materials. You can combine the prepared materials in this manner to create homogeneous mixes. The freezing part comes next. The tastiest ice cream of the summer is yours if you can quickly apply cold to the ingredients. You are prepared for the season if you dress like the candy queen!

How To Play

  • Use MOUSE to play the game.
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