Wood Block Tap Away

Wood Block Tap Away

Wood Block Tap Away is an excellent way to get rid of your confusion. You'll need to use strategic thinking to move your finger across the screen and change the shape of the block.

Prepare to unleash your puzzle-solving abilities with Wood Block Tap Away! This difficult block game requires you to push all of the cubes away from the screen to clear them, but with blocks that only move in one direction, you'll need to think strategically and rotate the shape by swiping your finger on the screen to find the best angle.

As you progress through the game, the block forms grow larger and the levels change shape, making each puzzle more difficult. Wood Block Tap Away, with its addictive gameplay and enjoyable mechanics, is an excellent way to put your logic and critical thinking skills to the test. Don't miss out on the excitement, begin playing Wood Block Tap Away today and see how far you can get!

As always, best wishes, and have fun!

How To Play

  • Tap on cubes and make them fly away!

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