Turn Me On

Turn Me On

Turn Me On is one of the most thrilling, amazing, and fantastic games you've ever played. This awesome game allows you to use the mouse to make this electric ball roll over and over again. You must first remember that you must successfully turn this electric ball on in order to get some light, but this is not the only goal of this game. You must also get this ball to its recipient. Good luck in this amazing, awesome, and fantastic try, and don't be afraid to become one of the best and most incredible in this brand new adventure from the future. This is such a great futuristic puzzle game that challenges you to overcome your abilities and aptitudes when it comes to this special and amazing domain, so turn on the electric ball! Get to work right away and remember to be the greatest in this brand new challenge so that you may successfully complete each level of this amazing and incredible game, full of logic, adventure, futuristic aspects, and stuff. Good luck one more time, and turn on all the balls!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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