Trap The Mouse

Trap The Mouse

Trap The Mouse is a mental challenge game that also hones the player's attention to detail and resolve. Can you create an impenetrable trap? 

In this game, your goal is to catch the mouse before it flees. When the game begins, the mouse will remain in the center of a big mat made up of various hexagonal tiles and a number of pillars. When you click on any of the vacant tiles to place a pillar, the mouse will travel to a neighboring tile. Continue the process until you have successfully trapped the mouse. You must finish your task before the mouse moves out of the mat, or you will lose. You will begin the game with 20,000 points, as indicated in the upper left corner of the screen. Each time you lay a pillar on the mat, 50 points are subtracted. You can try this game Playful Kitty.

How To Play

  • Trap the mouse by creating pillars.
  • Click with the mouse or touch the hexagonal tiles to construct pillars to trap the mouse.

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