Timberman is an arcade game similar to Flappy Bird in that it appears easy yet is incredibly addictive. It's a click-to-play game in which you control a plaid woodcutter, chopping down trees while avoiding branches that will send you to your death.

You take on the role of a bearded lumberjack wearing a red flannel shirt and must chop down trees with your axe. You will receive one point for each piece of wood that you chop. To earn a decent score, try to chop the limitless trees as long as possible. However, as you go, the less time you have, so hurry up!

You can exchange your collected wood for coins or use it to unlock additional characters in the store. There are 105 heroes to choose from, each with its own set of chopping tools. Rare or epic characters can only be obtained with coins. Use your in-game money to purchase land in your community, where your characters will roam and reward you with more wood per hour. When you have completed all of the fields, a new area will be accessible.

How To Play

  • Click - Tap on either side of the tree to chop.

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