Thief Puzzle Online

Thief Puzzle Online

Thief Puzzle Online is a new online arcade puzzle game with elements of skill and adventure. It includes a storyline in which a stickman thief tries to escape from jail, and you must assist him in doing so in each level by escaping the rooms of the police officers by completing riddles.
In each level, you move the stickman's hand and extend it, finding out the best way to do so to avoid crashing into the cops or the traps they've created, and then retrieve the pairs of keys to complete the level.
If you complete it correctly, you get three out of three stars, but if you get caught, you have to start over. As you get closer to escaping the prison, each new level becomes more difficult than the last, yet the difficulty makes everything more enjoyable. Have fun and good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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