Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is a game about skating downhill that stars a raccoon named Tanuki as the main character. Gain points by demonstrating your mastery of the corners and by performing skateboard tricks. As you guide the hippest raccoon down twisting roads into the setting sun, you can take pleasure in a fantastic soundtrack and vibrant sights.

Learn to ride the longboard as you cruise through breathtaking mountain ranges, swerve through busy city streets, and board along the beautiful beaches of Sunset Island. Tanuki could be taught to do crazy tricks like jumping off ramps and longboarding backwards.

It sounds simple, doesn't it? Are you set to longboard your way to the top of the charts?

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How To Play

  • A/D or left/right arrow to move.
  • W or up arrow to enter speed stance.
  • S or down arrow to do 180-degree slide.
  • Space bar to drift.
  • Esc to pause.

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