Survivor In Rainbow Monster

Survivor In Rainbow Monster

Survivor In Rainbow Monster is a combination of Rainbow Friends and Among Us. In this game, you play as an abducted youngster during a school trip to Spooky Park. Your goal is to survive five nights in a weird area with only you and the Rainbow Monster. Each night, you must fulfill a task or challenge while evading the Rainbow Monsters.
You must avoid the Rainbow Guy in order to survive. In the game, there are four sorts of Rainbow Monsters, each with their own set of characteristics: 

  • The deadliest monster in the game is the Blue Rainbow Monster. It roams the map hunting for you, so hide behind a locker or a box to avoid being pursued.
    The Green Rainbow Monster is continually patrolling, but it is also blind. The secret to preventing it is to make as little noise as possible while remaining motionless.
  • Orange Rainbow Monster: You must keep feeding the orange monster to keep it from attacking you. When patrolling, it follows an orange line, so you can swiftly hide if you notice it coming.

  • Purple Rainbow Monster: To avoid the purple monster, keep an eye on the vents. It's safe to walk by if you don't see any creepy eyes or hands.
    Pay great attention to the sounds in the game and listen for footsteps and other noises that suggest the Rainbow Monsters are around if you want to survive. It is strongly advised to use headphones when playing the game.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster asks you to be aware of not just your surroundings but also the sounds around you. Because monsters can appear unexpectedly, you must use all of your senses. If you see or hear anything, run or find a safe place to hide. If you see any enemies or suspect that danger is approaching, the game gives several hiding spots in each scenario where you might seek refuge. As always, best wishes, and have fun!

How To Play

You can use "W, A, S, D" to move and the spacebar to hide.


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