Subway FPS

Subway FPS

Subway FPS is a first-person shooting game. Explore maze-like subway stations, test your endurance against never-ending waves of enemies, and defend your territory in this first-person shooting adventure!

Play the part of the armed forces of the country and purge the subways of the worst thugs! Since you have a gun when the game begins, you can start looking for foes right away without first looking for a weapon. Try to determine whether anyone is firing at you by taking a close look at you. Until the adversary is defeated, fire your rounds, retreat to your cover, reload, and repeat. Once the wave has passed, locate every threat, neutralize it, and get ready for the next one. To finish your tasks, find medkits to repair yourself, and progress through levels, search the lowest floors. Continue to train to improve your aim and beat your previous best!

If you enjoy this exhilarating 3D challenge, explore our other shooting games to continue honing your shooting skills.

How To Play

  • Use "W, A, S, D" to move.
  • The spacebar to jump.
  • "C" to crouch.
  • "L" to lock the cursor.
  • "R" to reload.

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