Stickman Troll- Thief Puzzle

Stickman Troll- Thief Puzzle

Stickman Troll - Thief Puzzle is a new interactive puzzle game featuring troll creatures. Enter the wacky world of "Stickman Troll," an incredible puzzle game in which pilfering is the name of the game! Our troll protagonist possesses a rare ability: an extending arm capable of stealing anything from scrumptious delicacies to a girlfriend's undies and even a whole car. It's time to put your skills to the test and complete all of the levels in this zany stickman adventure!

This game promises a lot of comedy and entertainment! Put your wits to the test and help our little stickman pull off the ultimate robbery. It's an adventure full of bizarre and amusing situations! Are you ready to go on an epic thieving adventure?

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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