Stack Colors

Stack Colors

Stack Colors will make you insane, generally with fun, but occasionally with difficulties! This little boy needs your assistance to collect the plates and cross the finish line. You might think this mission is simple, but pay attention to the details. The toughest task is to only gather plates that are the same color as the guy, which is one of several challenges you'll encounter along the road. If you are prepared, let's begin the game now!

In this game, you only have one character, but the objective is substantial. You are given three lines in the game, each containing three plates of a different hue. As the rubber travels through, you should assist him in grabbing those plates with his skin. The arrows on your keyboard or your mouse can be used to control the rubber. When the man travels through the lightning gates, his hue changes. You should pay close attention to the game because one error in collecting other colors will lower the total number of collected ones. As you advance through the stages, you will earn coins that may be used to upgrade your existing skins. If you succeed in collecting coins during the subsequent levels, you will also receive coins while playing! Keep an eye out for any obstructions in your path. As soon as you cross the finish line, click the mouse to make the highest hit and score the most points possible. Good fortune!

How To Play

  • You can play it with your mouse or you can use left and right arrows to direct the character.

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