Spacebar Clicker

Spacebar Clicker

Spacebar Clicker is a funny clicker game. You can calculate and measure your typing speed performance with the space bar here. The spacebar counter has a basic concept: a timer and a maximum amount of clicks. Your information is then saved, allowing you to create a rating and compete against yourself and other people. The spacebar counter has several time intervals that will allow you to know your speed and your endurance over various periods.

When you press the start button, the game will begin. When you push the space bar for the first time, the timer begins. To gain your score, click as many times as possible until the timer runs out.

Generally, some games require you to use the spacebar for important actions such as Cookie Clicker Climate Change. So, you better be fast at that!

How To Play

  • Use the left of your mouse and click as fast as possible.

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