Space Prison Escape 2

Space Prison Escape 2

Space Prison Escape 2 is a puzzle game in which two explorers are imprisoned in space. In the first portion of the quest, our heroes use a spaceship they discovered to travel to Earth. But their opponents in space pursue and encircle them before they can even get halfway to Earth! This time, they are aliens and transported to a different planet's prison!

This jail is substantially larger and has a greater number of alien guards. Traveling in this new prison is made possible by teleportation portals. You must acquire gems and rubies while attempting to avoid being apprehended by guards. If you successfully complete all 20 levels, you will get access to a spaceship to return to Earth. Let’s try it right now!

How To Play

  • Player 1: W,A,S,D: move; F: use item.
  • Player 2: Arrow keys: move; L: lift; K: attack.

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