Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike is a first-person shooting game that places you in challenging and stressful circumstances. The goal of the covert mission in which you will be participating as a sniper is to eliminate every enemy target. An army of expert soldiers will be anticipating your arrival. After firing just once, you can anticipate a counterattack. To prevent that, make every effort to neutralize the indicated targets as soon as you can. There is no other way to take down your adversaries except by infiltrating every base. When navigating through difficult missions, remain alert and cautious. To successfully complete each mission, you must be able to recognize and remove high-value targets with your acute eye and accurate aim. Get ready for a heart-pounding, tactically precise experience!

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How To Play


  • Left-click = shoot.
  • Right-click = iron sight.
  • Scroll mouse-wheel = zoom in/out.
  • R = reload.
  • Tab = pause.

Mobile: Use UI controls.

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