Slime Ball

Slime Ball

Slime Ball is a 2D soccer game in which you play as a slime. Two slimes or, more accurately, two half-circles—face each other across a volleyball net-like line. They volley a ball back and forth by jumping into it, with the trajectory of the ball varying according to the angle and velocity of contact. It's just Pong from a different angle, with slightly more sophisticated, if slick, physics. You might assume it's nothing more than a novelty. But, as a game that was simple to learn but difficult to master, it was ideal for the early 2000s kid looking for a way to pass the time in the mid-afternoon slump of middle or high school.

Slime Ball is a free game in the Adventure Games genre that you can play on my website. You may have a good time and enjoy yourself! It's a thrilling experience to play football as a slime!

How To Play

  • Player 1 (Blue Slime): W: jump, A: go left, D: go right, Space: shot.
  • Player 2 (Red Slime): Up - Arrow: jump, left arrow: go left, right arrow: go right, P: shot. 

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