Sieger 2

Sieger 2

Sieger 2 is a physics game in which you must murder all of the defenders while saving the hostages. There are around 70 levels to accomplish! This new Sieger game contains new multi-layered design mechanics in comparison to prior Sieger games. To gain medals, complete all of the levels with as few shots as possible!

A new multi-layered design mechanic adds depth to the buildings, so choose your hit carefully. To gain better medals, complete the stages in as few shots as possible! The Castle Builder editor is also included in the game, allowing you to design your own levels and share them with others! Upload your designs and see if you can outperform the creations of other players!

You can play the game in full-screen mode for a better gameplay experience. Did you have a good time playing this game? Then take a look at our website.

How To Play

  • Mouse – Navigate/Aim.
  • Left mouse button – Shoot.
  • 1234 – Switch ammo.
  • Type R – Restart level.

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