Sausage War

Sausage War

Sausage War is a fun arcade mini-game in which you engage in an intense survival battle against dozens of hot dogs who all want to be the main course on the holiday table. There will be many exciting fights where you must destroy your opponents using the most clever techniques conceivable, such as pushing them out of the arena or impaling them on various cutlery.

You should proceed with extreme caution because there will be various dangerous traps lying about that you should avoid. Push the opponent into a sink of water, a hot grill, or rake several holes in it. Victories in battle will grant you gold coins, which you can spend to improve your talents. Furthermore, there will be six interesting skins available in the store for you to choose from, further personalizing your character. Spin the wheel of fortune to win great rewards.

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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